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The Four Mindsets – How to Influence, Motivate and Lead a High Performance Team by Anna-Lucia Mackay – “Technology and the transparency it brings to leadership makes all of the elements in the book so poignant.  Anna-Lucia has successfully distilled the key elements of modern day commercial leadership into a practical guide that all senior executives, managers and professionals should read.”

David Baxby – CEO Global Blue Geneva & Former Co CEO of Virgin Group Worldwide.

The Four Mindsets – How to Influence, Motivate and Lead a High Performance Team by Anna-Lucia Mackay – I’ve had the great fortune to engage Anna-Lucia over the last decade and credit her with helping build a high-performance culture and in doing so doing driving up the value of my businesses when they are sold.  This book is essential reading for every business, regardless of size.”

Tim Eustace – Chairman and Owner – Mercury Private

Anna-Lucia is the first and last person I would go to advice, coaching and organisational training on Emotional Intelligence. I have worked with her for 14 years and that time I have seen her tools and coaching enable good leaders to become great and strong leaders to become highly effective.  Most of all I’ve seen leaders get really connected with what it takes to be Emotionally Intelligent. Now all of this brilliant thinking is in The Four Mindsets”  –  Peter Lumsdaine CEO O’Brien Group.

The Four Mindsets – How to Influence, Motivate and Lead a High Performance Team by Anna-Lucia Mackay – Anna-Lucia’s approach to cultural and people programmes always mixes great strategy with outstanding execution.  A book that provides an overview of Anna-Lucia’s approach to people and performance is an invaluable tool for any manager.”

Ciaran Davis – CEO Magazine’s CEO of the Year 2014 – CEO Australian Radio Network

While this book focusses on the role of the manager, this knowledge is heavily relevant to everyone looking for personal growth and development and in particular for those wishing to build and retain great quality relationships in any part of their life. A great reference tool for all.

Rebecca Sharp, Learning & Development Manager Australia & New Zealand, Merlin Entertainments PLC

All of our leaders and aspiring leaders have had training and coaching through HCMGlobal and Anna-Lucia. Why may you ask? Because they have been able to consistently improve the leadership qualities amongst the group which has led to increased longevity of employment of both managers and their teams; an increased motivation and passion for work; and a better sense of wellbeing and contentment for each staff member personally.

Scott C. Small, Managing Director, Spinifex Holdings

Anna-Lucia Mackay has partnered with Nestlé Australia Ltd for the past 8 years and her style and use of the four mindsets approach in conducting the programs has significantly helped us build employee capability. The feedback from the programs consistently shows that Anna-Lucia’s approach truly engages participants and helps them to take their learning back to their role for immediate application.                Garth Byrne, Learning & Development Manager, Oceania Nestle

As the business world of today keeps evolving and changing, so do requirements for those who want to be game changes in the business arena. Anna Lucia’s book summarizes key traits needed to be relevant today as a manager, leader, and most importantly influencer. The The Four Mindsets is definitely one of the best books I have read this year on people management as it focuses on leadership traits so often overlooked. They are the ones that create the safe and open ended environment so many people today are looking for when they choose which organisation they want to be a part of.

Nikola Milivojevic, Chief Executive Officer & President Beauti control, Tupperware Brands Corporation USA

Anna-Lucia is a high performance coach who has helped both aspiring and experienced leaders in our organisation adapt to an ever-changing business environment. Her training and indeed this book enables you to view your leadership style through a different lens and to achieve meaningful results irrespective of where your journey begins.

Deb Loveridge, Managing Director Asia Pacific Randstad, Singapore

Finally a business book that offers pragmatic, thought provoking and insightful tools and methodologies that address the required skills and behaviours of a successful leader.

All will benefit from reading this book and applying the skills, whether a new manager embarking on the leadership journey or an experienced manager who wants to reconnect with their team.

Nicola Griffin Medtronic PLC, Sales and Marketing Academy Manager Middle East and Africa

One of the keys to good management is emotional intelligence and Anna-Lucia is working with us to help our Law Society members understand this by really connecting and motivating people — which is exactly what you’ll find in this book The Four Mindsets.

Una Doyle, Head of Professional Development, The Law Society

In early 2000 I asked Anna-Lucia to make an independent assessment on, not just how my direct reports felt, but how all the staff felt. The result floored me. In essence the majority of the staff felt unappreciated, a lack of confidence to make a decision, no communication on how they fit it to the goals of the organisation, and expectations about their accountability were unrealistic. So … Toss in the towel?… no way! So I engaged Anna-Lucia to start at the top, which included me, on what we needed to improve on. Within several years we had been nominated for industry awards, but more importantly, the team received the “Best Team Award” for client service and proactive resolution within the Commonwealth Bank of Australia . The lessons learnt lead to sustainable turnaround and growth.

Kevin O’Sullivan, Former General Manager Financial Markets Operations Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Accomplished corporate consultant and executive coach, Anna-Lucia Mackay, presents another well-thought-out tool to assist new and aspiring managers to come to grips with the challenges of their roles. I can see this fast becoming a handbook for our new managers and complementing the excellent high-potentials mentoring program and other targeted leadership development programs that Anna-Lucia has delivered for us.

Kirti Jacobs, Director, HR, APRA AMCOS

My belief is that being a manager is not about power, it’s actually far from it. It’s about being a positive influencer and enabler built on a foundation of respect, sincerity, consistency & authenticity. These values are at the core of Anna-Lucia’s training and the four mindsets she’s identified. The time I spent with Anna-Lucia gave me the confidence to stay true to my own beliefs and values as a manager yet have the tools and framework to navigate my way through unfamiliar and sometimes confronting situations with personnel.

Kate Willbourn, Twitter Australia

This is a must read book and coaching tool and can be purchased at all good book stores.Purchase now

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