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How to Use This Book – Learn or Coach Others? 

The Four Mindsets™ How to Influence, Motivate and Lead a High Performance Team has been written as a multi-purpose tool to help individuals learn the core concepts – and to help CEOs, leaders, human resources professionals, management consultants, coaches and training professionals to coach, mentor or train managers, team leaders and future leaders to achieve high performance.

The High Performance Mindset Model™ is a proven strategy used in many of the worlds leading companies and is the focus of this book.  This model has been designed as an “easy to use” learning pathway when coaching, training and mentoring others in a variety of settings including team meetings, corporate book clubs, one on-one sessions, small-group training sessions and webinar discussions.

Based on adult learning principles to assist learning, retention and knowledge transfer in your workplace.  Each chapter is a stand alone module – and each of the 16 modules contain:

  • a knowledge section outlining easily understood best practice concepts that are the most up-to-date and relevant today
  • a full summary reviewing the key processes and ideas discussed for reinforcement and ‘on the job’ learning
  • reflective questions for personal or group use
  • suggestions for where to start in applying the strategies introduced.

Contact us anytime to get advice on how you can use to coach teams – and we will also post resources to help you along the way below.  Sample resources referred to in the book include:


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